Google+ Celebrates April Fools in a Hoffsome Way

The following set of photos were taken on a beautiful day on April 1st, 2014.  But, of course, I only took one.

Google+ Celebrates April Fools in a Hoffsome Way

David Hasselhoff likes my Starbucks Macchiato.

Definitely Hoffsome!

This photo depicts my Iced Starbucks Macchiato and David Hasselhoff, “The Hoff”, of Knight Rider and Baywatch fame.

I had no idea about this April Fools prank until I had a look at my Google Photos’ Auto Awesome folder on Apr 16, 2014.

For more information on this craziness, check out what Google had to say on their official blog.

Google+ Celebrates April Fools in a Hoffsome Way.  My Starbucks Macchiato.

My Starbucks Macchiato before Google’s Auto Awesome feature put The Hoff’s face on it.

Better late than never. :)

Be who you are, not what people want you to be.

You are who you are.

You can’t change your personality.

Those who like you for who you are, are the people that you should keep in your life, and the other people are not worth the negative energy.  They should be cut out of your life.

Be around positive people, who give off positive energy.

I must accept myself for who I am. I will not change myself for anybody!

If I’m told that I need to change my personality, then I do not need to have that person in my life.

Being who you are is a glorious thing.

I Yam What I Yam

“I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.”   I can’t help but be myself.  Popeye couldn’t have said it better.  At Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.  January, 2014

What is NORMAL, anyway?

What is “the norm? “

What is NORMAL, Anyway?  Sometimes beating to your own drum can be a good thing.

Normalcy, in theory is the way in which a collective group or society behaves, in a usual or typical fashion, as a whole, right?  So for person to be considered “normal” they must behave like everyone else.

Why the hell does it even matter?

What you consider to be normal doesn’t have to be, nor will it ever be normal for me!

What is NORMAL, Anyway?  It's OKAY to be different.

If you were to always base your actions on what your peers or family expects of you, then you are living a pretty stifled life.


Why?  Because you place too much value on what others think of you and what they want of you rather than focusing on what really matters:

●You must love yourself and accept yourself for who you are.
●You need to understand yourself before you can change anything, that is if anything really needs changing at all.
●Don’t be afraid to act for yourself.
●Express the you that is 100% you.

If we were all the same; if we were all NORMAL, then there wouldn’t be a word called “unique!”

What is NORMAL, anyway?  Autism: Accept Different

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

Information on Asperger Syndrome.

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Lauren Potter to be Special Olympics World Games 2015 Ambassador

Lauren Potter to be Special Olympics World Games 2015 Ambassador

For all you Glee fanatics and athletic supporters out there who love to learn about and support a good cause, Lauren Potter, of Glee’s Cheerio fame on Fox will be the Ambassador for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The games are scheduled to be held in July.

For more information about World Games, facts and the events, visit the official website for LA2015.

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Grandma’s Pot La Gelle Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes

Grandma’s Pot La Gelle Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes.

Please vote! This is my Grandma’s original recipe that she made all the time! It is an eggplant dip and is a family favorite of ours that deserves a little love and attention for this Valentine’s Day contest. Please cast your vote daily, then use the sharing buttons to spread the recipe sharing ‘love’ to your family and friends. If not, that’s okay, just please return daily and click on “vote” for this one!

This is Grandma Nina Moritz’s Pot La Gelle that she always made for Poppy Seymour! Xoxo


A piece of the written Pot La Gelle recipe.

The Veronicas: An Inspiration to Us All

They are confident, philanthropic, talented women with a powerful message. They take their music from their own experiences and turn them into something greater than themselves. They love wildlife and and have their own style of fashion.

The Veronicas: An Inspiration to Us All

On February 2, 2014, Qtf 9:09 pm EST, this photo was posted with the following caption:

If I hear any guys or gals shaming a woman for being confident within the healthy, natural body she works hard for, or was given, I will happily tear you a new hole to stick your oppressive thoughts.


Even if this photo’s message may seem a bit strong to some, it demonstrates the importance of strength in our beliefs in ourselves and the well-beings of others.

Lisa and Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas are role models for women and for people of all ages.

On a side note, here is a little fun blast from the bast flashback photo.

The Veronicas: An Inspiration to Us All | Pre-show photo-op on tour bus - 2/14/06

I met The Veronicas on their tour bus before the show on February 14th, 2006, the night their first U.S. release of The Secret Life Of… hit the shelves.

The Jonas Brothers opened for them on this tour and Ryan Cabrera was there, since he was dating Lisa at the time.

Our secret to getting invited onto the bus? My friend had purchased expensive rose bouquets, large white, teddy bears and and boxes of chocolates. They mentioned our gifts in this magazine clipping.

The Veronicas: An Inspiration to Us All | The girls remember the gifts we presented to them on their tour bus.


Wildlife Warriors



Philanthropic Activities

The Veronicas: An Inspiration to Us All | The Veronicas give back

Not only do the girls donate their money to the Wildlife Warriors, but they also make sure to dedicate their time while visiting the zoo.

One fan wrote about her trip to Los Angeles to meet Lisa and Jess. This trip was made possible by The Children’s Wish Foundation.

She writes:

The experience I had was so amazing it’s hard for me to describe it. Jess and Lisa are the most beautiful souls with hearts of gold. I honestly don’t know anyone quite like them. What they did for me is incredible and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for this.

In January 2009, Jessica was spotted on a New York City Subway by a member of PETA and was soon asked to pose nude for animal rights.

It wasn’t the fact she was wearing a faux fur jacket that caught PETA’s attention but the “F–K FUR” message she had painted on the back.

They are supporters of other causes as well, including gay rights and equality.

These women are more than just music; through their philanthropic activities and creative outlets, they are an inspiration to us all.

This is why I love The Veronicas.

Find The Veronicas

The Veronicas

The Veronicas Official Facebook Page



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