How To Make S’mores By Candlelight

Cooking s’mores during a blackout couldn’t be more fun!
(Photo posted with permission from their mom.)

In today’s post at Sugar and Spice, you have learned that in the last twenty four hours, six houses in my parent’s neighborhood have experienced a blackout.  I visited my neighbors’ house, made some yummy S’mores with Mrs. Neighbor’s kids, and wrote an awesome post with tips on how to prepare your home for a blackout and some fun activities that you can do with kids during a blackout.

Here is a quick spin on the classic S’mores recipe for you to try when it’s too stormy out for a firepit and there’s no electricity to use a microwave.

S’mores By Candlelight
Or, how to make S’mores without a fire pit or microwave.
by Lily @ Sugar and Spice

  • marshmallows
  • chocolate bars
  • graham crackers
  • candles
  • candlesticks
  • matches
  • skewer sticks
  1. Light as many candles as there are participating chefs.
  2. Place a marshmallow on the pointy end of the skewer and hold it over the candle flame until the desired temperature is reached.
  3. Sandwich your marshmallow between two pieces of graham cracker with the chocolate and enjoy!
Special Notes and tips:
For younger, pickier eaters, you can easily remove the burnt parts of the marshmallow and have them for yourself!  Yum!
This is pretty much just the same old-school recipe for S’mores, with the exception of having to do it indoors without a proper (outdoor) fire pit or a microwave. It couldn’t be easier!
For more ideas and blackout activities, click here!
Happy cooking!

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