Make A Crepe Paper Rosette


Make A Crepe Paper Rosette

How to Make A No-Sew, Three Dimensional Crepe Paper Rosette

A homemade do-it-yourself inspired by The Celebration Shoppe.
This project was used to make a Memory Keepsake Box for my sister’s bridal shower!


  • strands of craft beads
  • present ribbon
  • crepe paper
  • a pretty button
  • Clear sewing machine bobbin


  1. Fold the desired length of crepe paper into an accordion.2012-04-20_22-06-10_824
  2. Curve the accordion shape around into a circle. You may find that you will have to spread the pleats carefully with your fingers. This may take several attempts
  3. Close the circle with a touch of hot glue.
  4. Cover the center of the rosette with a pretty button, a large bead, or a printed rosette piece.
  5. For a three dimensional look, to a two dimensional object such as the Memory Box, glue a sewing machine bobbin to the bottom.2012-04-20_22-27-44_1872012-04-20_22-32-00_390
  6. Embellish with strands of beads and ribbon.

Isn’t it lovely?
Happy Crafting!
Gift with a bow


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