Snacktime Babble: Episode #2: Wedding Things…The Ultimate Time Filler

It’s been a while since I’ve made any recipe posts or any posts altogether.  Let me give you a brief summary of what I’ve been up to.
June began the paved road to pre-wedding months for my family.  We had the bachelorette party in May, then in June was the first of two bridal showers.  I gave her the Memory Keepsake Box and she adored it!
September brought the Jewish High Holidays in addition to my birthday celebration day at Jersey Shore.  I just needed a day of relaxation and swimming with friends before the wedding frenzy really came into full swing.
Once the week before October 14th arrived, we went on full wedding dedication mode.  My mother and I traveled all the way to Brookline, Massachusetts where we would be staying with our bride-to-be.

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Mayyim Hayyim "Come In Peace" Mikveh House
“Come in Peace”
We took her her Mikveh appointment at Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh in Newton, MA.  It’s a beautiful bath house. With many beautiful rooms, it is equipped for all the rituals, prayers and customs required for all facets and milestones of Jewish life.
This beautiful Mikveh house is under the supervision of Yaacov Love, from Passaic, NJ. For more information about it’s maintenance and

Kashrut, please visit the official website.

Anita Diamant Mayyim Hayyim Founder
Anita Diamant
Mayyim Hayyim Founder
Anita Diamant is the author of  the bestsellers

and is a founding board member and President of Mayyim Hayyim.

I have been to this place once before, in the days leading up to my cousin’s wedding in 2007.  When I learned of the author’s influence, I had to read the book, The Red Tent.  For the rest of my cousin’s wedding weekend, if you didn’t find me partying with the bridesmaids, you found me reading in the hotel’s indoor courtyard by the pool.  This book began my love for Jewish Biblical Fiction as one of my favorite genres.

“B’ruchim Haba’im” means “Welcome” in Hebrew.
Conference and Events Room with Art
The changing rooms are named after different water elements.

“Bor haotzar,” or “Collection Pool of “living water.”  (Water  that is not drawn by human hands.)
The stone bath that shares a wall with the bor haotzar.

Here is my favorite photo from the wedding.

Rachel's wedding
L-R: Me, my sister, and my cousin.
Please do not re-post this photo anywhere without permission.  Thanks!

After the wedding frenzy died down a bit, along came Hurricane Sandy!  My computer had already fallen apart the week before, but now, most of New Jersey’s power had gone out for a total of two weeks or more!  Sandy had left behind a mess in her wake.  Some have lost their lives, others their homes and memories, belongings have been drenched or washed away.

Thanksgiving has just passed.  I am thankful for so many things.  While this year has been very rough for me on a personal level, I am appreciative that I still have a life to live for.  I have a family to celebrate with, a family to love, friends to care about and people who care about me.  Even though I have had my heart broken, my grandfather has passed away, and I have lost two jobs that meant the world to me in just a year and a half, I have also discovered an interest in planning parties (a birthday party and my sister’s bachelorette), gained a brother-in-law, and started a website.  I am able to flush out the negatives and take in the positives.  My next goal is to obtain a Child Development Associates and become an Assistant Teacher.

That’s all for now!  Next post:  Homemade Mulled Cider!


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