New Jersey Tomatoes – My Beautiful Mother’s Homegrown State Fruit

I never truly ‘hated’ veggies as a kid, although I did notice how often my Mother made salads with our dinners, and that bothered me a tiny bit. She also used to do a bit of gardening back in the day. There were a few years where we had the yummiest beefsteak tomato garden on the side of our house!

One particular year, in fifth grade, I was studying my home state of New Jersey. So my Mother gave me some of the last of what must have been a late frost harvest for me to share with the class as a ‘state snack’.

As the teacher was cutting them up, one boy said, “Tomatoes aren’t in season anymore!” to which our teacher responded, “Well, they are at Lily’s house!”

Gotta love my kiddie memories!

I have used this entry in the following contest:


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