Snacktime Babble: Episode #3: Tea for Cold and Soup for the Soul

Nobody likes this “seasonal” weather that brings along with it heavy allergies and illnesses.  In my case, it’s a very bad cold.

Fortunately, I’m surrounded by such loving, caring friends and neighbors.  When you have a friend who, as soon as he finds out that you are sick, he is your first responder with “If there is anything you need, let me know,” you can count on him and he can count on you.

My friend Alison, who baked these very yummy pumpkin and disaronno shortbread cookies last October, brewed me a mug of some delicious vanilla tea.

Of course I’ve been having my Mother’s Matzo Ball Soup!  After the Passover Seders, I suppose she ran out of chickens to make soup with, so she had to make-do with creating a vegetarian broth.


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