My Top Tweets of 2013 from @iamaveronica on Twitter


My Top Tweets of 2013
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Lily Moritz

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 25 Aug

@eat24 @deniwaltz @McLeodAl Of course! Do u kno how often I’ve used ur app? Should be #rewards for users like me! U have better prices too.

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 11 Sep

Victoria, @eat24, says that I rock. Which I do, of course…because I share the #tastyapplove.

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 22 Aug

Hey @eat24, @McLeodAl, @deniwaltz, you’ve got a starring role in my video: … #FollowMe #Vizify

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 11 Sep

@eat24 And I’ve got yours!
Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 15 Oct
@spicedrum @HerUniverse @Hostess_Snacks Thank you! This is where I got the shirt.

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 15 Oct

@HerUniverse As promised; the link to the cupcake swirls shirt!  Enjoy!

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 1 Nov

I use GetGlue to chat with fans and get great content about my favorite shows, movies and sports. Join me!

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 19 Nov

@SarahMCJUSA I’m glad you agree! You were def my fave: and not afraid to tell it like it is. Proved that age means nothing compared to skill

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 17 Dec

Play with your food. Kids, or no kids.

Lily Moritz ‏@iamaveronica 18 Dec

My hunger is in the hands of The Empire. This is my most desperate hour. Help me @Eat24, you’re my only hope.

Amazing app, people!


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