A Really Bad Conspiracy Theory. It Is Just Hilarious!

Facebook, and the rest of the internet, has done it again!

One little twist of a photograph or video, and the rest of the world knows about it.  Behold the Power of Facebook!

A July 29th Facebook post claims that a video, containing footage of a UFO, is the real deal and encourages its supporters to share it before “they” remove it from the internet.  The poster of the video claims that Facebook has already been asked to remove the video.

I thought this was too funny for several reasons.

First of all, they posted this with too many capital letters, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist, radio website, or not, if you want what you’re writing to look legit, at least try to make it look legit.

The Facebook Page in question posted the following:

“This is the video that they are ERASING off the internet. Facebook has been Asked to DELETE.  SHARE IT before it gets Deleted. Make this go Viral Now.  PEOPLE MIGHT SAY ITS FAKE BUT BELIVE IN THEM AS MUCH AS YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR GOVERNMENT HIDING IT FROM YOU.”

Secondly, if they claimed that Facebook had been “asked to delete it,” well, weren’t they the ones posting it?  Wouldn’t they be the ones asked to delete it?  Why post it at all if they knew that Facebook was already deleting it?

Third of all, it’s September and this video is still all over the internet.

So of course I wanted to see if I could find the source.  I don’t know if I did, but I found something interesting on an identical YouTube video.

I found this:

Is this real, or a hoax?  What do you think?

Let’s take a closer look:

This bandicam.com thing must be embedded into the video.

This bandicam.com thing must be embedded into the video.

So what is bandicam.com?  Well, my dear readers, according to its website, “Bandicam is the most advanced Desktop Screen Recorder and Video / Game Recording Software on the planet.”

And there you have it.

My own belief is that somebody was recording their video gameplay of an alien invasion simulation of some sort.  They probably uploaded the file onto YouTube or some other video uploading program to either store it or share it with friends and from there, it went viral.

Now, many of us know what happens when people post questionable content of the ridiculous kind.  The comments that follow are usually just as entertaining.  Amidst all the quirky responses, the believers, the disbelievers, and the Michael Jackson eating popcorn memes, I found this one to be the best:

Someone had posted this pancake recipe in response to a video of a UFO sighting on Facebook!

Someone had posted this pancake recipe in response to a video of a UFO sighting on Facebook!

I could not help but laugh.

I think I should start making pancakes now.


10 thoughts on “A Really Bad Conspiracy Theory. It Is Just Hilarious!

      • In the Facebook comments, someone shared a Youtube video of the exact same video posted online in 2011. So I guess it’s been around at least since then.

        I play a decent amount of video games, and there is no way that is a screen capture of a video game. Video games have gotten pretty realistic nowadays, but they don’t look as much like real life as that video does.

        I mean, I could be wrong, but I really don’t think it’s a video game.

        I think maybe someone used that screen capture software you mentioned to record the video from someone else’s website and then post it somewhere else, ie, Facebook.

        Either way, the comment about the recipe was great!


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      • You could be right. However I recall some of the other commenters saying that it looked to be a photoshop job. You can only see the crafts for a split second at certain intervals, which made it perfect for easy editing. I wonder where the original video is?

        Anyway, thanks for the comment love, and I agree about the pancake recipe! That comment got more “likes” than any other on that thread!

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      • I can link you to the original video if you’d like. It was created by Onndyla, a person who dabbles in CGI and makes short videos to showcase his talents. I dissected this video last year and detected the edits on my own editing software… but perhaps most obvious is the fact that he “signed” it on a building façade towards the end of the video. His ego always gives him away!

        See original on his Youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/oondyla/videos


  1. (basically what John said) I think the video capture in the video you posted was a poor attempt to capture the video located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz7FQ2NvBLU using the app you mentioned. Now, I’m not one to believe in UFOs – but like John, this is not from a video game. The video at the link I posted is actually quite decent quality for 3 years ago. It could very well be an experimental aircraft. Still, it could be totally fake, but it’s a decent attempt.

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      • Yeah I agree with you Sugar that it is probably Photoshopped/manipulated in some way. Here’s a comment from some guy named Dennison Small about that…

        “Dennison Small
        4 days ago

        Haha yes! Nice job… I love the detail of the blinking light on the saucer! There are some things that give it away however… the edges show up in After Effects…most people would not catch that though. But perhaps most obvious is the fact that you signed your name to this video on the bridge! But I do love it and send you kind regards and kudos!”

        And then he went on to say…

        “I don’t think it’s a bridge but rather a building facade… look at the video clip full screen HD and you will see his name or web handle appear on the facade or whatever that is just beyond the bend in the road… at about 22 secs…. bold letters…OONDYLA. I do this on my videos and photo manips as well… sigh my name in a hidden place. It’s more fun that way. He did a nice job with the DOF on the letters so they are hard to notice as they blend in with the video nicely.”

        That guy sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, so I guess I’m going to believe him (because I don’t have After Effects or an HD monitor, so I can’t really verify that myself, but it sounds true!)


        But like NotYouToo said… it does look very real. So who knows?

        Please do post more poor attempts at conspiracy videos that you may find. I dig that sort of thing!


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