The Snowstorm Before Thanksgiving of 2014


It really stuck this time! To be honest, I have doubted the New Jersey weatherman for the last fifteen years when it came to the snow forecast.  It was always as if they said “snow” and people ran with it like chickens with their heads cut off, only to wake up to rain the next morning.

I took this while it was still coming down.


Snow in the New Jersey Woods

Many storms have names or titles. Hurricanes are given first names. I like to give snowstorms titles too.

In the winter of 1995-1996, we had a storm so big that my whole neighborhood lost its power.  I was about twelve years old at the time, but I remember what happened quite clearly because my mother had been cooking all afternoon.  She had a nice bird all seasoned and ready to go into the oven, when the power went out!  So she made some calls and we ended up bunking at another family’s house for the weekend.  That was fun, especially since their kids were friends from school.  That storm is called ‘The Storm of ’96’.

This one would be ‘The Snowstorm Before Thanksgiving’ (of 2014).  It works because winter came extremely early this year.  The meteorologists are calling it Cato.

(shĕ•leg) means ‘snow’ in Hebrew

Stay warm this Thanksgiving all you Northerners!


2 thoughts on “The Snowstorm Before Thanksgiving of 2014

    • Maybe, although I wouldn’t want take away too much from the rustic, county like feel of this place. Nature likes to do it’s own thing. The woods are the woods, after all.

      Perhaps the fallen wood could be used to make firewood for the awesome fireplace you have?


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