An Accidental Cider Project

On a crisp Fall evening, I decided to open the more-than-half gallon of apple cider I had been keeping in my fridge for the past few weeks.  It had been a good day, and I just wanted to relax with a refreshing drink at the end of it.  What came out of the bottle was a bit of a surprise to me.

Accidentally Fermented Cider

Accidentally Fermented Cider

I took the plastic lid off, and was immediately greeted by a burst of cider-y air, directly in the face!  All this pressure had been building up inside of it causing its need to ‘explode’ upon release.  When I poured it into the glass, it fizzed.  I took a sip and found it to be bubbly and sweet, but I was not sure if it had become alcoholic or not, so I dumped it out until I knew for sure.

I have learned from my enjoyment of educating myself by browsing the Wonderful Wide Web a while ago that cider can be fermented and turned into hard cider after many months.  Remembering this, I knew what to look for.  After looking up the process again and to see if anyone else was asking this question (see “Did my apple cider go bad?“), I contacted Alstede Farms​, a farm in Chester, NJ, who had made the cider, just to be sure it was still safe for consumption.  Farmer Kurt called me himself, about twenty minutes later, to explain exactly what was happening to my cider and exactly where in the process it was.  Based on my description, he believed my cider to be somewhere between what it was, originally, and becoming apple cider vinegar.  It is in the very beginning stages of fermentation, on it’s way to becoming an alcoholic beverage.

So, apparently, my farm-pressed apple cider had begun to ferment itself in my fridge.  I was not intending for this to happen to mine, but after only a few weeks in the fridge, it turned itself into a sparkling cider!


My dear readers, has this ever happened to your apple cider before?  What did you do?  Did you dump it or drink it?  Have you any experience in brewing your own hard cider?  What was the end result?  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.  I would LOVE to see your thoughts and ideas!

Accidentally Fermented Cider

Look at all those sweet little bubbles!

Today, I enjoyed a refreshing glass of sparkling cider.  Yum!


For more information on making your own “hard cider,” check out these links and the video.

Juice and Strain: Cider making made simple at home – a breakthrough

Kitchen-Table Cider Making


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