Marvel Comics Inspired Cherpumple

Kitchen Overlord Marvel Comics Cherpumple Interior

Kitchen Overlord is a really great site if you are looking to get inspired with geeky, foodie goodness.

Check out Chris-Rachael Oseland‘s recipe for a MARVEL COMICS INSPIRED CHERPUMPLE.

A Cherpumple is short for cherry, pumpkin and apple pie and is defined as several different flavor pies that are baked inside of several different flavors of cake, and then stacked on top of each other.


Kitchen Overlord Marvel Comics Cherpumple

THING LAYER has spice cake and apple pie. PHOENIX LAYER has yellow cake, pumpkin pie and green food coloring. DEADPOOL LAYER has chocolate cake and cherry pie.

She also baked mini ones with mini pies!

Kitchen Overlord Marvel Comics Cherpumple Instructions

Doesn’t the blue one look like a TARDIS cake and the brown one resemble a Dalek cake?


For the original, printable recipe, by Charles Phoenix, check out his video demonstration for (and click on the following link for) THE CHERPUMPLE “MONSTER” PIE CAKE.