What is NORMAL, anyway?

What is “the norm? ”

What is NORMAL, Anyway?  Sometimes beating to your own drum can be a good thing.

Normalcy, in theory is the way in which a collective group or society behaves, in a usual or typical fashion, as a whole, right?  So for person to be considered “normal” they must behave like everyone else.

Why the hell does it even matter?

What you consider to be normal doesn’t have to be, nor will it ever be normal for me!

What is NORMAL, Anyway?  It's OKAY to be different.

If you were to always base your actions on what your peers or family expects of you, then you are living a pretty stifled life.


Why?  Because you place too much value on what others think of you and what they want of you rather than focusing on what really matters:

●You must love yourself and accept yourself for who you are.
●You need to understand yourself before you can change anything, that is if anything really needs changing at all.
●Don’t be afraid to act for yourself.
●Express the you that is 100% you.

If we were all the same; if we were all NORMAL, then there wouldn’t be a word called “unique!”

What is NORMAL, anyway?  Autism: Accept Different

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

Information on Asperger Syndrome.

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This Is Why I Need A New Computer

This is Why I Need A New Computer
This is why I need a new Computer.

I need a new computer.  This one is SO OLD, it can not even run JavaScript properly!  The internet is so slow, that I am afraid to even turn it on and have to go to the LIBRARY to do my research work, when I *should* have a *perfectly good* computer right here!  My friend, M., who is really good at solving computer problems, even looked at this thing months ago and said that this isn’t even it’s first processing system!  Windows 7 wasn’t originally on here; an older version was!  I’ve got a Dell computer and keyboard with a Samsung monitor and a Microsoft mouse!  SERIOUSLY?

This is Why I Need A New Computer
Too many tabs drags the thing down.
No wait, I meant two tabs!
Yeah…that happens.
This is Why I Need A New Computer
JavaScript is a pain in the you-know-what.

I haven’t complained about it too much so far, but it has long since come to the point (nearly a year ago) that I’ve come to dread turning the thing on.

There’s nothing wrong about going to the library to use the computer.  I’ve been doing it twice a week since the summer.  But have you ever taken a moment to ACTUALLY LOOK DOWN AT THE KEYBOARDS THERE?  IT’S DISGUSTING!  Nobody knows where the hands that have previously typed there have been before yours arrived.  However, in light of a certain bestselling novel that was found to be covered in traces of herpes and enough cocaine to fail a drug screening just from touching it, it got me thinking about these computers even more than usual:

I am a germaphobic hand washer, who has been sitting in the library each week, two days a week, tapping and clicking away at those nasty-a** keyboards and mice, only to find these articles circling the net?  NO THANK YOU!  I was already comfortable enough feeling like I was desperate to run to the nearest bathroom to wash my hands every single time I logged out and then wash them again as soon as I got home!  I’m not kidding, either.

I wish I had a picture to share of my desktop, but I just don’t really feel like taking one.  But since your entertainment is important to me, I will share my former laptop with you:

This Is Why I Need A New Computer | My Toshiba laptop after less than one year.  Brand new.  I hate Toshiba.
My Toshiba laptop after less than one year.  Brand new.  I hate Toshiba.

Brought to you by a little message that I wrote and wish I could have shared in a few more choice words to Toshiba, but that, I’m afraid, would have been inappropriate:

This is what I have to say to TOSHIBA:

Thank you, Toshiba, for giving me the best and longest experience with a laptop! Shortly after buying this Satellite C655-S5132, I bought a cable package for it, only to find out that the computer didn’t connect. After several days of going back and forth between each company and hearing it was the other’s problem, I went to Best Buy who deduced that it was in fact the computer itself and not the ethernet connection.
I sent the computer to your factory in Kentucky for nearly a month. You sent it back with loose screws! Within a month or two later, they began falling out! I called to complain about this. The guy said I would have to send it back again! I should send my computer away for another month over a few loose screws? No way! Clearly I can put screws on better than those repair techs could! Could he send me the screws I would need? Of course not! And guess what happened next? Your customer support guy mumbled something on the other end just before he hung up on me!
It has been one year and two and a half months since I made this purchase, and about a year since your customer support representative hung up on me. Yeah, thanks a bunch!

October 24, 2012

I cannot begin to tell you how seriously frustrating, not to mention DANGEROUS, it was, to have a laptop with it’s motherboard hanging off.  The screws often came loose and fell out, the top piece came up and eventually, something snapped inside the machine, preventing it from ever closing again.  Needless to say, the piece of crap fell apart within the year.  I spent my own hard-earned money on it.  I was so disheartened to see it go  WITHIN A YEAR.

What will I get next?

Certainly not a Toshiba!


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