Learning About Recycling

When I was a little girl and living in Morris County,  my father would take me on the weekly trips to the local recycling center when the weather was nice. I remember how much fun it was to take out all the items from our trunk and toss them into  their appropriate dumpsters. These things were monstrous! This taught me, early on, about how to recycle. In school, I learned the importance of it.

In sixth grade, I chose Groundwater as my science fair project and my father helped me to build a  ‘working’ cave that would allow water to seep through the top of the ‘cave’ (made of clay and other things) and out the bottom of a storage basin. For this, we needed a mesh screen. So, to the recycling center we went for the parts we needed!

Take children to the recycling center. Educate them there. Collect a few items (clean them with a bleach and water solution) and do a craft. I know that people do this already with items in their homes, but if you really want to teach about recycling, you should go to the place where your recycling goes.



The Requited – A Look at the Unusual Art of Danny Quirk

The Requited on Behance

“The Requited” © Danny Quirk

I saw this photo in my Facebook News Feed today and it intrigued me, so I looked it up. Originally, I thought that the couple in the painting was pregnant and that the butterflies coming out of her belly represented the life cycle, but I was wrong. It turns out that this painting is only a part of a series of paintings that represent a love story.

Each photo  in this set has a symbol in it.  I think it is truly amazing and awe-inspiring.


This project was published on Bēhance, an online platform from Adobe that is designed for artists to showcase their creative work and get it discovered, on January 17, 2012, by Danny Quirk.  He specializes in photorealistic watercolors, painting, and the things the camera cannot see.  The “hidden eye”.   His photos are perceived to be a bit dark, but they are really about exploration.  He is best known for his series entitled ‘Anatomical Self-Dissections‘.

What the artist says about the series.

The piece was done as a sequential series, depicting the journey of love from rejection to reciprocation, based off personal accounts.

His career really took off after he painted his girlfriend like a zombie for Halloween one year.  That was his first ever body painting.  He describes the process he uses on IFLScience.

Watch Danny Quirk as he goes through the process of creating an anatomical dissection body painting.


"Laminectomy Labeled" - Danny Quirk Artwork

“Laminectomy Labeled”- This was the finished image, labeled and cleaned up, turning a body painting into a medical illustration without even breaking the skin! Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/amazing-anatomical-body-art#tCoKOuv2zHPXbhCi.99


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