A Simple Craft to Do With Children For Valentine’s Day:Valentine’s Garland or Wreath Made With Construction Paper

Make a paper garland out of little hearts for Valentines’ Day!
A short, simple craft you can do with children!

This could make a great cutting practice activity for preschoolers, who can practice cutting in a straight line with scissors. It’s also good for decorating your classrooms and living rooms.  You can probably get away with having your preschooler dipping them in paint after you (teacher or Mom) staples them, since they shouldn’t be using the stapler themselves.  Coloring or decorating the paper before cutting it will be a fun alternative to paint.  It’s also less messy.

Paper chains are always fun to make, no matter what the occasion or how you go about putting them together, there will always be room for a child’s creativity!

This video was made by Brittne @BrittCraftFans.

Valentine’s Garland or Wreath

You will need:

construction paper
stapler and staples


Fold one piece in half and cut
Fold the half piece into half and cut
Fold again and cut
Fold again and cut

You may cut more strips in order to reach the desired length of your garland, wreath, or strand.

Fold the first strip in half
Bring the two free ends together and staple into the form of a heart
Fold the second strip, then bring the folded crease to the bottom of the completed heart and staple them together
Bring the free sides down together, then bring another folded crease to the the sides you have just pinched together and staple, forming a new heart
Continue this process until you have reached your desired length

To make a wreath, attach the last heart to the first heart.

A list of supplies that would work well with this project:

Value packs of colorful construction paper:

Or single colors:

Pink scissors for adults:

“Ideal for offices, classrooms and break-rooms.”  ~OfficeMax.com

Scissors for children:

Staplers and staples (adults only):