What can we do to defend equality?

It may not be June anymore, but I saw a civil rights related post today on Facebook that got me asking myself, “What are we doing to defend equality amongst people?”

You might be watching the news to find out about more hate crimes around the world. Religious hate, racial hate, gender hate, and even hatred of nationalities are only a few of them. But what is also a “crime?” Intolerance and discrimination are two things that can turn into hate crimes if they are not stopped in advance.

The devastation that a single hate crime, intolerance or stereotype can create is too much for many to bear. A physically or mentally disabled person is bypassed for a job when his skills and education are matched with other applicants’. It may be illegal for an employer to do this, but it happens.

A Jewish person is considered stingy and rich, even in jest, when they are, in fact, the exact opposite.

A Hispanic teenager is told in the public high school cafeteria that “Hispanics are only there to clean up white people’s trash.” The result is a fight between the kids. (I heard about this after it happened at my school.) Even if the other boy was just angry at his peer, this is not okay. Immediate action was taken that day.

And then there is this one. The following photo depicts a conversation I had with a friend of mine more than a decade ago, though I can still remember how it went as if it were just yesterday:

So the question remains, what are we doing to defend equality amongst people in this country and everywhere around the world?

If we could just stop a person mid-joke or mid-comment and say, “I don’t want to hear this,” then that would be a start. I’m not saying that you should become an activist, or a picketer. What I’m saying is that if you can change something as simple as an uncomfortable topic of conversation, then you can channel that ability into so much more.

The power of speech is an amazing thing and here in the United States, we are free to use it. Guess what? It’s so simple! It all starts with a word. Just one.



The Requited – A Look at the Unusual Art of Danny Quirk

The Requited on Behance

“The Requited” © Danny Quirk

I saw this photo in my Facebook News Feed today and it intrigued me, so I looked it up. Originally, I thought that the couple in the painting was pregnant and that the butterflies coming out of her belly represented the life cycle, but I was wrong. It turns out that this painting is only a part of a series of paintings that represent a love story.

Each photo  in this set has a symbol in it.  I think it is truly amazing and awe-inspiring.


This project was published on Bēhance, an online platform from Adobe that is designed for artists to showcase their creative work and get it discovered, on January 17, 2012, by Danny Quirk.  He specializes in photorealistic watercolors, painting, and the things the camera cannot see.  The “hidden eye”.   His photos are perceived to be a bit dark, but they are really about exploration.  He is best known for his series entitled ‘Anatomical Self-Dissections‘.

What the artist says about the series.

The piece was done as a sequential series, depicting the journey of love from rejection to reciprocation, based off personal accounts.

His career really took off after he painted his girlfriend like a zombie for Halloween one year.  That was his first ever body painting.  He describes the process he uses on IFLScience.

Watch Danny Quirk as he goes through the process of creating an anatomical dissection body painting.


"Laminectomy Labeled" - Danny Quirk Artwork

“Laminectomy Labeled”- This was the finished image, labeled and cleaned up, turning a body painting into a medical illustration without even breaking the skin! Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/amazing-anatomical-body-art#tCoKOuv2zHPXbhCi.99


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The Soul Mates

I learned about the two halves of the soul being bound by marriage somewhere during my Judaic studies, but it is just so profoundly inspiring that it can only be described in a poem. ;^)

loveI do believe in fate 
That every person in this life walks this earth, bound to find their other half 
Their Soul Mate 
Each person is born as half of a whole 
When they meet “The One” 
That’s the rest of their soul

The wedding night binds them in the knot of eternity