A Child of the Nineties

The eighties; when we were babies.

The nineties; the days of hanging out in the backyard and playing with the neighbors on the swing set.


A time when your biggest responsibility was to make sure that your book report was done on time.

Yes, those were the days.

That was a different “feeling”.

When all our problems were solved for us by our parents.

Were they better days?  In some ways, yes.

But I really want to see what the future holds.



How to Make Your Dream Blog an Online Reality

So I’m writing this proposal of an idea to help get a local poetry group and its associated newspaper and photography groups online with a blog of their own.  I wrote it using the blog feature of a word processor and am about to save it and send it off in an email when I give it a read through and I realize, this isn’t just a proposal saying “Pick WordPress; It’s Awesome,” this is an actual “WordPress for Newbies” list!  I also thought, wouldn’t this make an awesome post for those who are considering starting a blog of their own?

Proposal to bring South Orange Expressionists and The Writer’s Block Online

  1. Find a blog host. I recommend worpress.com. It’s pretty. It’s neat, and it’s easy to use. I have used blogger before. The difference between the two from what I have found is that on blogger.com, you can use html JavaScript codes within your posts. With wordpress.com, you cannot.
  2. Choose whether or not you would like your site to have its own domain. A domain name is http://www.example.com. Mine is www.sugar-n-spiceandeverythingnice.com, or my naked domain is https://sugar-n-spiceandeverythingnice.com/. I bought this domain back when I hosted it at blogger.com, which is run by Google, and I continue to pay $10 a year for it. When I decided to switch over to wordpress.com, I had to map it with a fee of an additional $13 dollars a year.You don’t have to buy a domain name! Should you decide not to have one, the blog will be http://whateveryouwant.wordpress.com. It will be free, but you may be limited as to what you can do with it, how much storage space you get with it, etc. I would look into the best options first. Should you choose buying a domain with wordpress.com, I would recommend the $18/year option.
  3. If you don’t like WordPress, you can see what Blogger has to offer for prices and what it has available to its whateveryouwant.blogger.com users.
  4. This is what my Dashboard looks like.  This homepage shows you your most recent stats. Which posts are getting the most hits, visitors and views, how many comments need approval before they become public (depending on your settings), and how many the spam filtering system caught. (Believe me, I get way more attention from spammers than I do followers!) Also, if you click on the details of the stats, you can also find out from which countries your viewers are visiting from and from which websites and search engines did they find your posts! You can also find out which search terms people are using to find your posts. It’s really cool.
  5. This is what drafting a post looks like. With “Add Media,” you can add photos, videos, tweets and more from many places on the internet, which I think would be an incredible asset for the photography group as well as the Newspaper group. If someone is interviewing someone, we can include the video in the article. In the print version of the newsletter, we would tell people to “Catch the LIVE video online!”
  6. Last, but not least, the preview:
  7. By the way, the design, the template (the look), and the widgets on the left pane can be customized at any time, as many times as you want. There are many to choose from and they can fit the needs of the blog. For example, an Instagram widget can come from an Instagram account for the photography group. Or you can add more than one Instagram account for the photography group. The same goes for the Facebook Pages. For the Pinterest widget, I had to get creative, since I can’t use JavaScript with wordpress.com widgets. (Only wordpress.org will allow you to do that and to have that, you need more money and a different host site. That’s a whole other ballgame for me right now. If you choose to do that, you will get your own domain name, more customizable options, and you can either set the whole thing up yourself and download the software, or have the host do it all for you.)

I made this particular blog post (draft) using Microsoft Word 2013, which has a blog feature that you can use to connect to your own blog from different blog sites, including WordPress, Blogger and others. I now realize that I really don’t need the wordpress.org software after all. Ha!

The Soul Mates

I learned about the two halves of the soul being bound by marriage somewhere during my Judaic studies, but it is just so profoundly inspiring that it can only be described in a poem. ;^)

loveI do believe in fate 
That every person in this life walks this earth, bound to find their other half 
Their Soul Mate 
Each person is born as half of a whole 
When they meet “The One” 
That’s the rest of their soul

The wedding night binds them in the knot of eternity